Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flamenco Resources

For Hispanic Heritage Month I am planning a collaborative unit focusing on Flamenco, integrating the Arts & Humanities standards with my World Language standards. At the end of the month we will have a Family Night where students can bring their families in and show off what they've learned. Below are some of the resources I'll be using and sharing with my team members and classroom teachers. If you know of any other Flamenco resources please share!

Photo by Kentucky Country Day

Videos: A field trip to a flamenco dance studio - great for K-3. English with some Spanish vocabulary Basic Spanish vocabulary for dance classes  El Camarón - a great example of el cante and la musica Sara Baras - a great example of el baile Joaquin Cortes - men dance flamenco too! Sesame Street - a video counting to 9. Unfortunately they count in English but the music and dancing is flamenco. Toy Story - Buzz and Jessie dance flamenco. Would be great for introducing students to flamenco and then showing the more authentic videos after. Story - In this one the theme song is sung in Spanish "Hay un amigo en mí.


 There aren't a lot of books out there for flamenco but here are a few good options.

        ¡Olé flamenco!  This is a great resource for older students. My kids will be doing a research project in Library class and this is one book I will have available for them.
El fandango de Lola This book comes in English and Spanish with a CD. Spanish Playground has some great resources to go along with the Spanish version here.
Spain booklet A great booklet your students can color and read from Teacher Pay Teachers. It has 11 pages with facts about geography, flamenco, football, bullfighting, and the Conquistador. It's in English so I will probably share with my classroom teachers and let them decide if they want to use this resource or not. 

Craft Ideas

I still need to talk to my Art teacher about how we might combine her standards with something flamenco related but here a few pages with ideas for flamenco crafts. These could be done with the classroom teachers as well.

How to make castanets These are cooler than the ones we made last year in Spanish Club with paper plates and pennies (although my kids loved their paper plate/penny castanets!)

Fans, paper dolls, and collages Several craft ideas here.

A box guitar How to make a box guitar. 

Now I just need to get some costumes and I'll be set!We'll be dancing and learning the jaleos in my class. Happy planning for Hispanic Heritage Month!

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