Friday, August 24, 2018

Back to School - Big List of Links

It's that time of the year! We started last week and my schedule has changed so I'm back in the Specials rotation which means not only the craziness of a new school year but adjusting my lesson plans. Thankfully, I already have a lot that is ready to go from past years.

If you've already started or you're getting your classroom ready here are some of my posts that are the most useful this time of the year!

1. Bulletin Board ideas 

2. Classroom decorations including Question word posters and your calendar area.

3. Get organized - everything from extra glue caps to notebooks color coded by class and grade level.

4. Get student input on what they want to learn this year with a student interest survey.

5. Chichen Itza Proficiency Pyramid - teach your students what it means to be a novice mid vs. a novice high.

6. Have students set their own proficiency goals with this goal setting sheet. 

7. Have students track their progress using a Si se puede bubble sheet.

8. Send home newsletters with I can statements and links to videos so students can practice at home.

9. Plan your lessons using this free curriculum.

10. Teach your procedures and routines first so you can go 90%-100% target language later.

11. Start by teaching about school supplies or places around the school.

12. Need ideas for Spanish Club? Find them here.

13. Don't forget Hispanic Heritage Month is coming up and get started planning now.

12. Remember these things if you're a new teacher!

What are your favorite back to school resources? Share in the comments below and have a great year!