Sunday, August 14, 2016

5 Things I'd Love My Classroom Teachers To Know

School started last week but they had me on the transportation team making sure all of our precious kiddos got home the right way the first few days. Tomorrow I'll start teaching and I was thinking of what I'd love for my colleagues to know about Spanish class.

Dear Classroom Teachers:

I love love love when you try and speak Spanish. Any Spanish - what you remember from two years of high school twenty years ago bad accent, poor grammar, and all. It shows the students that languages are for everyone and it's okay to try and fail. My music teacher ALWAYS tries to use Spanish throughout the year (despite one time accidentally swearing at a third grade class) and makes sure that the students tell me that she's trying very hard. It's super cute and they're always eager to tell me.  It also communicates that Spanish is what we do at our school in AND out of Spanish class*.

I love when you get your class to me on time, all of your students there, and hand me the classroom clipboard with a hello. It shows a turnover of authority and I don't get out of my room much so it's nice to see a friendly face.  I also love when you introduce any new students personally.

I love when you tell me what you're doing in your classroom and how I might incorporate it into Spanish class. I mostly collaborate with the other Special Area teachers but I'd love to do more with my classroom teachers.

I love when you ask the kids what they are learning in Spanish. Or even better when you have them practice in your class. I have a fifth grade teacher who had students using por favor and gracias in her room and a kindergarten assistant who routinely has the kids sing the latest Spanish song while waiting for the bus or lining up for recess.

I love when you tell me what you like (how the new schedule gives you time to pee, how you think the kids are improving faster, how sad your class is when Spanish is cancelled.) But I love it even more when you tell these things to the decision makers at the school.

All the best,

The Spanish Teacher & her trusty cart Sra. Speedy

What would you want your classroom teachers to know about your elementary World Language program? Share in the comments below!

*I try to reciprocate and use music terms in Spanish class when we sing songs like Cabeza, Brazos, Piernas, Pies 100 times - (ahora piano, esta vez forte, etc.)