Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's your name game for kindergarten

Fellow Spanish teacher, Emily, here in Lexington recently emailed me with a great game for kindergarten.

I tried a new game this year and the kids have really loved it and we were able to speak in Spanish for the entire game. Thought I’d share. It’s so simple, but great.

Have students in a circle/desks/you could even do this in small groups once they get the hang of it.

Call on someone by asking ¿Cómo te llamas? They answer with Me llamo ___.

Whole class tell them Adios ____.

Cover them with a bandana or I used  a Spanish flag.

Whole class asks ¿Dónde está? ¿Dónde está? Until student pulls the flag off and the class shouts ¡Hola ____!

I demonstrated with my stuffed animal and myself so they wouldn’t feel silly about covering their heads. It is so simple, but I’m telling you their belly laughs are precious and they were all speaking in Spanish and loving it.

I played it this week with my kindergarten classes and like Emily's students we had a great time. 

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