Monday, November 3, 2014

That's how I roll - Fast Finshers

It's the beginning of November and I'm still pulling pieces of my room together. Recently I added a Fast Finisher menu to my book nook area. Students who are done writing in their dictionaries or with the activity for the day can wander over, see what their options are, and get to work.

I've tried to create options that allow them to use what we've been studying and other options that push them out of their comfort zone and into some new vocabulary. If there is a particular activity that I don't want as an option, say for example I don't always want them getting on the computer, then I simply turn it around. (The two not showing in the picture are Play a Spanish game on the computer and Complete and Activity Pack.) Sometimes I don't want kids getting out their folders so I turn around the different "worksheet" options. As we finish games and different activities in class I will add extras to the fast finisher folders so students can repeat activities that they liked or need more practice on.
So far it's working great and the students enjoy getting out of their seats and sitting in the book nook. When I was on the cart I didn't have to worry about the menu so much but I ALWAYS kept a file folder of fast finisher activities like word searches, color by numbers, and other activities that kids could do quietly. Having fast finisher activities is essential to my classroom management. It saves my sanity by not having to answer the question "now what?" over and over again.

What are your students' favorite fast finisher activities? I'm always looking for ideas so share in the comments below!


  1. I have an 'activity shelf' where kiddos can go and choose activities, usually related to the themes. I very luckily snagged a book shelf with 5 shelves, so each one is dedicated to a particular grade level. I have word searches, color by numbers, books to look at, our class photo album, games, puzzles, etc. As you say, it really helps to have things to do for those kiddos who just finish early! And, just curious, it looks like in your photo you have the taco rubric I posted on my blog a while back..are my eyes deceiving me? I would be so happy to know someone else finds them useful! Julie

    1. I like having it separated by grade levels!

      That is your taco rubric. It really helps students visualize what I mean. Thanks for sharing it!