Saturday, November 22, 2014

¿Cómo te llamas? ideas

My kindergartners have been working on introducing ourselves. We've been working on the following conversation since the beginning of the school year. (You have to take baby steps with the littler kiddos. Also we've been doing other things like working on our colors.)

Me llamo ____.
Mucho gusto.

One of the projects we did was a class book with all of their introductions in Spanish. Each student in the class made a page with a picture of him/herself, then I bound it together, and then we read the book together in class. At the end of class I gave the book to the kids and they took it back and put it in their classroom. It was a huge hit! They loved seeing each other's pictures. Between each page we asked the question ¿Cómo te llamas? so we practiced about 25 times without them ever getting bored.

After making and reading our book we watched the following two videos to practice our interpretive listening skills. Neither one is really considered an authentic resource but I like them because they feature native speakers. The first one, especially, has people speaking at regular speed with a variety of accents. I showed it first and paused it whenever someone introduced themselves using Me llamo and had the kids tell me the name. Then we moved on to the second video where they speak much slower. They felt a lot more confident so I waited to pause the video until they shouted out or raised their hand to show they had heard them say Me llamo ____. They got very excited anytime they heard it.

So how do you teach introductions? Share in the comments below!

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