Saturday, September 13, 2014

Free Resources for the beginning of the year!

I've been in school a month now and we're finally getting rolling into some content and switching over to Spanish. In that time I've been doing lots of administrative tasks and getting my new room up and going. Here are a few of the freebie products I've found and used in the last month.Just click on the pictures and follow the link to Teachers Pay Teachers.

Free Resources!!!

Magic Passwords in Spanish {Freebie}

Magic Passwords or Survival Phrases with adorable pictures from Fun for Spanish Teachers.

I haven't printed these out because I already have a board for new phrases (two Day of the Dead skeletons talking to each other) but I plan on using many of the phrases in this pack. If you need ideas for a bulletin board to last all year this is a great resource.

Flags to Fold of Spanish Speaking Countries

Foldable flags from Spanish speaking countries to decorate your room. 

My kids love these cute rhymes and we use them in our beginning of class routine. 

Another freebie from Fun for Spanish Teachers. I have the Puedo ir al bano sign front and center. If students ask me in English the answer is no. If they ask in Spanish I generally say yes (or yes in just a minute because I've found most of them forget a few minutes later.)

Enjoy and be sure to check out these ladies paid products as well!

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