About Sra. Speedy

While I was introducing myself as the new Spanish teacher to a second grade class, a student asked me what my cart's name was. "Ummm, I'm not sure," I said. "Maybe you guys can help me name it." The suggestions I got were hilarious - everything from Lily's Rainbow (suggested by kindergartener Lily) to Mr. Kennedy (I probably am married to my job but there's no reason to be so pathetic about it.) Señora Speedy was the best suggestion and a week later my cart had eyes, a mouth and a speech bubble introducing herself.

My first year Señora Speedy was a metal technology cart from the library. I used Velcro to fasten a white board/chart paper on one end and magnets to hold a calendar and posters. My second year my principal bought me a $700 Teacher on the Go cart that has 10 bins, a desk on the back and it's own whiteboard. It's amazing. Beyond amazing and I love it. Or her, rather. And so did my students. Many kindergarteners would say hola or buenas tardes to Sra. Speedy before they would say hola to me.

These days TCFKASS (The cart formerly known as Sra. Speedy) is rolled around by the ESL teacher at our school, while I get to teach in my own room.  I love having my own room but it only takes a few extra kindergartners in any given year to push me back onto the cart so Sra. Speedy could make a comeback any time.

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