Saturday, August 15, 2015

New year - New schedule

I just started my fourth year and I'm officially OUT of the Specials rotation. I will see every class EVERY OTHER DAY!!! 2nd-5th grade will get 25 minutes every other day and Kinder-1st will get 15 min. That's 75 min in 6 days for the older grades.

How did I get more time? By advocating. By showing off what my students CAN DO. With a little help from the KY Dept of Education and their new World Language Program Review that requires all schools to provide WL instruction. By getting creative with the schedule and being willing to go back on the cart if I needed to. By getting lucky in that our population is getting smaller so we have less classrooms. By simply asking for more time. By being patient and flexible the last 3 years.

Am I at the recommended 90 minutes per week? No, but I'm getting there. I'd be there if I worked at a smaller school but with 24 classes and only 1 of me it's hard to get to that number. The good news is that we are headed in the right direction.

Only 15 minutes for K-1 does mean, however, going back on the cart. (I get to keep my room for the older grades.) Señora Speedy is making a grand comeback with a new face and speech bubble. As much as I love having my own room I have to admit I missed Speedy. Now I get to have the best of both worlds.

I'm so excited to start my new schedule on Monday. What are you excited about for this upcoming year?


  1. Need help! What curriculum do you use and how for the Kindergarten & 1st grade classes? I teach Spanish for preschool with 1 prek curriculum for 2k-5k.... I'd like to have a progression in their learning and wondered if getting a different curriculum for each age! Any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated! Gracias, Angela

    1. I really like Calico Spanish - I like the sequence and it spirals everything so they hear everything many times chapter after chapter. I've used it with my Ks. I've never taught pre-K so I can't really give you a solid opinion on if it would work with that age group. Sorry!