Thursday, May 14, 2015

Building a burrito

In 3rd-5th grade we've been working on "I can list some foods I like and dislike" and "I can order at a restaurant." We started by watching the same Chocolate video I used in 1st grade. Then we read the book Build a Burrito. Before we started we brainstormed what different kinds of foods are in a burrito. Then we practiced telling a partner if we liked or disliked them. As I read them the book, which is a bilingual book with very simple phrases, the students participated by saying if they liked or didn't like before I turned the page.

After reading the book we practiced as a whole class with a felt burrito I found at the Dollar Spot at Target. Then I passed out paper burrito sets I had made with construction paper and laminated. Each piece was labeled so students could remember how to say the different foods in Spanish. One person ordered a burrito, using the phrases Me gusta and No me gusta and the other person assembled it. 

The second time we played I made half the class burrito vendors and the other half very hungry customers.  They practiced the following conversation. 

Vendor: Hola. ¿Cómo estás?
Customer: Tengo mucha hambre. Me gusta _____. No me gusta _____.*
Or they could point and ask for each food item using por favor. Vendor builds the burrito.
Vendor: Dos dólares por favor.
Customer hands over the money.
Vendor: Gracias.
Customer: (Takes a big bite) Hmmm delicioso. 
Vendor: Adiós.

These sets took a lot of time to make (and to be honest they look a lot more like tacos than burritos...) but a very helpful paraeducator and some 5th grade students made the work go faster. And it was worth it to hear my fifth grade students who at this point in the year are mostly unpleasant tell me that they had fun in Spanish class. My third graders who are always pleasant squealed when I revealed we were playing with fake money. 

How do you teach foods? Share in the comments below!

*I realize that Me gustaría would be more appropriate in this situation but we stuck with Me gusta/No me gusta.  Because of time constraints I didn't want to introduce a new structure. Next year when we do our food unit I will introduce I would like versus I like.

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