Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pinta Ratones

We have been studying colors in kindergarten. At the beginning of the year we sang the song El gusano Tutu.

After learning about El Ratón Pérez, we read the book Mouse Paint or Pinta Ratones. And then we reviewed the story with storytelling props. (You can get them here!)  They had read this book earlier in the year in English with our art teacher so it was a great review.

Finally, we mixed colors like los ratones except that instead of using paint, we used food coloring in ranch dressing and instead of paint brushes we had pretzel sticks. I quickly modeled how to mix the ranch with the pretzel sticks and we reviewed the colors in Spanish. Before they were allowed to eat I asked them ¿Cómo estás? and they answered ¡Tengo hambre! Then we got down to the serious business of mixing our colors and then eating our masterpieces. 

I found this idea on pinterest. And based on the hugs I got as they filed out the door I'm going to call this a #pinterestwin.

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