Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Give me five!

Part of my professional development plan last year and this year has included improving assessment strategies in my room, including giving students the opportunity to self-assess and peer assess more often. To that end I've started having students self-assess how they felt about each lesson as they leave the room. How? I have five different "hands" they can high five, each with a different statement including "I was an AMAZING listener today," "I tried my best today," "I learned something new today," "I'm still a little confused," and "I'm going to do better next time." Maybe as the year progresses I will add "I spoke all Spanish today."

I'll admit I directly stole this idea from Lisa Prichard's blog My Adventures in Elementary Spanish. My students absolutely love it and besides me stealing it from Lisa, I've already had a middle school teacher, a fifth grade teacher, and a fourth grade teacher tell me they were stealing it for their classroom. I should really stop saying stealing and go with inspired. The only downside to this quick self-assessment is that you do need to remind students that there is a brick wall behind the hands. I tell them I will not feel at all sorry for them if they tell me their hand hurts...because they just punched a brick wall. And because I model everything, I modeled the "right" way to high five.

How do you do self-assessments in your class? Share in the comments below!


  1. What a great way to promote a can-do attitude and an excitement towards language learning in your classes. I love your "steal". Have you heard about "Fist-to-Five"? It's another way that also can work as a formative assessment check for you (and the students). Here is an example. Hope you like it. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KDn-EoVLNCk/UsiQGOUclgI/AAAAAAAAB_o/vEnLkxsGoLs/s1600/fist+to+five.png

    1. I've seen this strategy before but not this specific poster - I like it! Danke!